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#1 Tip for Potty Training During the Holidays

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If you are looking for the best way to potty train during the holidays, we have the #1 tip for you and your family:  DONT' DO IT!  Bet you never thought we would be giving you that advice. While it may be tempting to use your days off work to get down to business, the truth is, potty training during the holidays is probably one of the worst parenting choices you can make. Well maybe not the worst, but it ranks pretty high up there.  

The holidays are a time for family gatherings and fancy outfits; long, leisurely meals and kids running around the house unattended. They are a time for making happy memories, and relaxing from the long year. Potty training does not fit into any of this!

First, especially in the early days, potty training requires huge chunks of unscheduled time. If you are like most of us, your social calendar has suddenly gone haywire with invitations to holiday parties, family get-togethers, and adults-only events. With a jam-packed schedule of once-a-year activities, it’s too hard for both you and your toddler to focus on potty training, and near impossible for you to be consistent from one day to the next. This is a recipe for disaster.

Being consistent is the key to almost all things in the parenting world, especially potty training. If you cannot be consistent with your child about potty training, then you are sending a message that using the toilet is not an every day requirement.

Little ones are also under a lot of pressure at this time of year to be on their best behavior when relatives are visiting or when you take them to special places. The Elf on the Shelf or the Mensch on A Bench may have them working extra hard to “be good.” But potty-training accidents are natural and not the result of willful disobedience. The last thing you want is a child to feel like they have ruined a moment or might not get presents from Santa because of a natural mistake.

So, our advice to you, if you haven’t started potty training yet, is to put it off until the New Year. A week or two won’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Once the holidays are over you can focus on your little one and this important milestone. Potty training is unavoidable, but there is no need to cram it into the busiest time of the year.

 Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons!

Keep Calm and Potty On! 


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