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Potty Training Accidents Revealed

The Most Common Reason for Potty Training Accidents Revealed

How many times has a parent uttered “but you just used the bathroom!” after their child has a potty training accident?  Truth is little ones do not realize that completely emptying their bladders is just as important as making it to the potty on time. Toddlers are full of limitless energy and just want to get right back to what they were doing before they had to go to the bathroom.  So they rush through the elimination process, and are satisfied with whatever production they see.  Meanwhile, their bladders are still full so when they relax back into play, potty accidents happen.

 According to Brenners Childrens Hospital (

 “It is very difficult if not impossible to know when a child has emptied their bladder, typically we have to simply take their word for it. Going to the bathroom is of no particular interest to a child; therefore, they often spend as little time as possible emptying their bladder. This results in accidents very shortly after time in the bathroom.” 

It’s important that parents not blame their children for potty accidents but instead teach them to fully empty their bladders as part of toilet learning.  For years, little ones have paid no attention to their bladder muscles.  As they potty train, they must learn to contract and relax these muscles and learn what a full and an empty bladder feel like.  The pee-kaboo reusable potty training sticker helps children fully empty their bladders because they want to see the image appear in their potty.  Empty bladders mean less accident and a more confident potty trainer.  It’s a win all around.

But if accidents do occur, remember they are just that, accidents, not willful disobedience.  Clean up the mess with minimum fuss and tell your little one, “next time we’ll try to leave all our pee in the potty” Another tip is to use dark colored underwear so that your child not only feels the wetness, but sees it on their underpants.

Remember patience is one of the p’s of pee-kaboo potty training.  A potty accident is not a moment for scolding, but a moment to teach your child that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. So keep calm and potty on!  Send your questions to

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