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Swim Diapers and Summer Fun

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Summer season is finally here. School is out, sun is hot, pools are open, and you are wondering what to do with your little one who has yet to master potty training. While some pools have no problem with swim diapers, others strictly prohibit them.

 Swim diapers are thinner than regular diapers and don’t absorb fluids which means your child will probably pee in the pool like many kids do. But no one will notice right? Well actually the smell of chlorine that we are all accustomed to is actually the scent of chlorine mixed with the sweat, body oils and yes, urine of swimmers.  

But what about bowel movements? Swim diapers are ideally supposed to contain fecal matter but how many times have you gone to change your child out of a swim diaper and noticed the remnants of a bowel movement, broken up into teeny tiny pieces. Anyone? Just me? Hmm. Well, according to the Centers for Disease Control, swim diapers do tend to give parents and caregivers a false sense of security. Diarrhea-causing germs that reside in feces can be kept at bay in a diaper for a short while but:

“Swim diapers and swim pants are not a substitute for frequent diaper changing and bathroom breaks. It is recommended that swim diapers and swim pants are checked frequently and changed away from the poolside.”

And this is why some pools simply say no to children who still need to wear a swim diaper. Nothing ruins a summer of fun quicker than a closed pool due to a bout of diarrhea that runs through swimmers. So while it can be frustrating to feel left out if your local pool excludes swim diapers, there are so many other ways to enjoy the water with your pre-potty trained little one. Here are some of our favorites:


Local Splashpads

Splash pads are always a great way for little ones to enjoy water on a hot summer day.

Water never gets deep enough to worry about drowning, there are always lots of other little ones to play with, and filling buckets of varying sizes with water, carrying them around and pouring them out again is great for physical activity and early math skills.

 Backyard Toys

If you have a backyard, Banzai has a collection of fun inflatable water toys that you can hook up to your garden hose. Most are available at Target or Walmart.

Banzai splash pad  

Kiddie Water Parks

Parks like Sesame Place are ideal for toddlers. They are designed with the under 48 inch tall humans in mind. And Sesame Place is now the first theme park that is a Certified Autism Center. They have thought of everything from low sensory areas, noise canceling headphones and a guide that explains how a child with sensory processing issues may be affected by each sense for rides and attractions at Sesame Place.  We would have loved this when our son with autism was young! 

Here are some other great links:

10 Best Water Parks to Make A Splash: This link features water parks for littles from Rehoboth Beach,Delaware to Buena Vista, California

 Toddler Waterparks Near NYC : This link features parks that are accessible from NYC. Urban dwellers who don’t have the luxury of backyards need a place to beat the heat and many of these spots are no more than 90 minutes away from midtown


And if all else fails, fill the tub with cool water, put your little one in their bathing suit and have them splash around while you monitor the fun with an ice-cold beverage.

What other ways do you have to beat the summer heat?  Tell us in the comments?

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