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Talking Turkey

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Thanksgiving week in the U.S. is the busiest travel time of the year. In fact we did an informal poll of our followers and over 60% of the responders said they would be traveling for turkey day.

While travel, especially with kids, comes with stressors ( i.e. finding a drive-thru everyone can agree on, potty breaks on the side of the highway, flight delays, and sanitizing all those tray tables ala Naomi Campbell ), many of us are more anxious about conversations that might come up around the Thanksgiving table. For some it’s the politics of the moment that threatens to disrupt dinnertime. For others it’s the judgment of our parenting style that we aren’t looking forward to:

So you are STILL nursing?” or “I just don’t understand what you mean by unschooling” and inevitably "Jack is still wearing diapers? Shouldn't he be potty trained by now?" How do you respond? Do you start offering up excuses? Do you feel ashamed?

It’s so hard when the comments of those closest to us, make us feel like less-than-great parents. The truth is, only you know when your little one is ready to potty train. And more importantly, only you know when YOU are ready to dig in, to be patient & consistent and to help your child achieve this important milestone.

So rather than shrink away when asked about the state of your child's toileting, may we suggest the following: simply respond "Why do you ask? " That encourages the questioner to take a moment to think about why they are soooo interested in where your child’s pee and poop lands. Especially when diaper changes aren’t their responsibility. They will inevitably respond with how young their child was when they potty trained and how easy it was. And at this point you can let them know that you will have them on speed dial to help you potty train your little when the time is right.


Or you can call us for a FREE 15 MINUTE CHAT for expert advice on #pottytraining. Click this link to sign up for a time-slot that works best for you, and we can talk through whatever issue you list on your pre-call questionnaire.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!



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