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What Goes In is Just as Important as What Come Out!

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As you try to figure out if your child is ready to potty train, be sure to review their diets too, because what goes into their bodies is just as important as what comes out. You want your little one’s digestive system to be running at peak performance when you start potty training. Not only will you have better success determining when your child is most likely to need to use the potty, but you will also prevent challenging issues like constipation, diarrhea and more.

So here are three tips to get your little’s diet on track BEFORE you start potty training.


1. Make sure your child is consuming a good balance of nutritious foods. Even picky eaters can get nutritionally balanced meals. Meals should include a protein, a vegetable and a complex carb. Pediatric nutritionist, Jill Castle , is a great resource on all things feeding. And you can also sneak vegetables and fruits into your toddler via smoothies using yogurt or the milk of your choice as a base.  There are lots of great suggestions online.   


2. Make sure your toddler is drinking enough water. How much is enough?

∗          A 2 year old should drink 2 cups of water/per day

∗          A 3 year old should drink 3 cups of water per day

∗          A 4 year old should drink 4 cups of water per day


Always increase water intake if your child has been very active, or if the temperature is hot and your child is sweating.  


3. Avoid juices and sodas.

By offering your youngsters high sugar juices you are actually training their taste buds to prefer the taste of sugar. This can affect their eating habits over their lifetime.  Also, high sugar drinks don’t quench thirst as well as water, which only makes little ones want to drink more of them.

Soda is double-trouble because in addition to sugar, soda often contains caffeine Caffeine in youngsters can make them overly active, interrupt their sleep patterns and suppress appetites.  All this can cause havoc in your little one's body and make potty training a nightmare.  In fact the American Academy of Pediatricians has stated that there is no safe amount of caffeine for children under 12, so it's best to avoid it all together.  

Oh and caffeinated and sugary drinks can cause diarrhea. Enough said.  

If you take care of your chid's eating habits, just like you are taking care of the other pre-potty training skills we mention in our most popular article, on potty training readiness, your potty training journey will be that much easier.  

Keep Calm and Potty On

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