Keep Calm and Potty On
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Potty Training Consultation

The pee-kaboo potty sticker® was created as a result of our own struggles to potty train our then 4 year old son with autism. Once we found a solution, we wanted to share it with as many families as possible. But through the years we have learned that some parents need a little extra support. And we are now making that available to you. Whether you are potty training for the first time, in the midst of potty training, or coming back to it after a few tries, we have a package for you.

If you aren’t sure which package works best for you and your family, start with the 15 minute FREE call where we can discuss your issues and make a decision about a path forward. Potty training doesn’t have to be a challenge. #KeepCalmAndPottyOn

Consulting Information

pee-kaboo - 15 MINUTE CALL - FREE

During this call you will have the opportunity to discuss your current potty training status and intended goals. You will get a feel for our program and how it can help your child achieve those goals. Depending on your situation, you will receive at least one actionable step to take.

Ideal for: All parents including those who have never potty trained and those who have tried to potty train their child with limited success.

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During this call you will learn about potty training in-depth, and we will determine your child’s potty training readiness through a FULL INTAKE. We will also discuss your home set-up, required items, parent\caretaker participation and any areas for concern. You will receive a full potty training plan via email after the call. This is a one-time call with one 15 min follow-up call. You will also receive (1) pee-kaboo potty sticker® of your choice.

Ideal for: All parents including those who have never potty trained and those who have tried to potty train their child with limited success.



You will receive all the benefits of the I SEE YOU package PLUS 2 weeks of potty training support that includes (7)15 min check-in calls during the 2 week process and (1) 15 min follow-up call a month later. During the two-week period you will  have 2 text messages per day, and unlimited emails with a response within 2 hours. You will also receive (1) pee-kaboo potty sticker® kit of your choice.

Ideal for: Parents who would like dedicated support through the potty training process. 


Can only be purchased as an add-on to the I SEE YOU and I'LL TEACH YOU packages. You may purchase as many 30 minute units as you would like.

Ideal for: All parents who need extra support or are facing particular challenges during potty training, or regression after potty training consultation has been completed. 



During this call, parents can learn about the work you can do long before potty training to set your child up for success. A full intake will be conducted and together we will determine the areas of concentration.  Topics covered can include nutrition, sleep, behavior, and early childhood development. You will receive actionable steps that you can implement after our call and a discount code for future pee-kaboo potty sticker® purchases.  

Ideal for: Parents of any pre-potty trained child age 12 months and above.



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