Keep Calm and Potty On
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Find out what parents are saying about the pee-kaboo reusable potty training sticker™

“I was amazed, this really works! We were not making hardly any progress potty-training my 2.5 year old daughter. She just was not interested sitting on the potty. Then, I got this sticker, and like magic, she could not wait to sit and "make the butterfly come back!”.
Penny, Mom

“Before we were using them we had to fight the little guy to get on the potty. Now before he has to pee he shouts “I want to see the firetruck” and takes off for the bathroom, with me chasing behind him”.
Geoff, Dad

“After a stall in month three of training, we were looking for tools that could get us back on track. Your pee kaboo stickers made the potty special and fun, so it peeked his interest, and its always a treat now. Very clever! Thanks for a very cool and usable tool. I was also very impressed at how strong the adhesive was, yet easy to clean and later remove. Well done! Best of luck. Ill be adding pee kaboo to my baby shower basket gifts”.
Catherine, Mom

“What was cute is he thought he was doing "magic" by making the train appear and within a month, I'm proud to say he started to poop (in the potty) as well (gosh that sounds so gross and yet so exciting at the same time!)”.
Michelle, Mom

“My 2 year old grandson…is doing spectacular!  He loves seeing the little train and firetruck in the potty when he is successful.  I would refer this product to other Moms and grandparents”.
Janice, Grandmother

“(My daughter) looked forward to using her potty instead of us trying to convince her every time. She was trained in a week…”.
Beth, Mom



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